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Pet Portrait

    • Please e-mail me a few photos of your pet after purchasing. The more photos and the higher quality, the more details and likeness your pet portrait will have. 
    • Once I recieve your photos, I will e-mail you a rough sketch of your pet portrait on the canvas. After you confirm that it is to your liking, I will begin with paint and continually send you updates on the progress of your portrait!
    • Once it is complete I will send you a final photo, after you've confirmed it's to your liking and it is completely dry, I will wrap it up and ship it out to you and e-mail you all tracking information.
    • All that's left is for you to recieve your new piece of art and enjoy!


    *If you have time constraints and need your piece in less than 5 weeks please contact me directly before purchasing.*

    • once the paint touches the canvas, all purchases are finalized. You may request a full refund when recieving the sketch, but not after
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